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7 Flinders Island experiences to write home about

7 Flinders Island experiences to write home about

Well before self-isolation became a thing, Flinders Island had the now common place experience covered. One of those unique destinations that captivates all the senses, it is paradise as you did not know it, but is a welcome retreat as we find new ways to explore and connect in the new Covid-world we find ourselves in. 

Mother nature was in the kindest of moods when crafting this isle, with rugged landscapes and natural beauty at every turn.  The emptiness of the island is one of its greatest appeals, but rest assured your soul will be left far from ‘half-glass’ following a visit.  If you are longing to feel more human again after a Winter many will be glad to put behind them, head across Bass Strait to grow in more ways than you could ever imagine. 

Charming, contagious, and simplistic in the finest way, you will arrive as a Tasmanian and leave as a local, constantly checking your diary for free weekend’s as to when you can return.      

1. First stop, The Flinders Wharf.

The flight is brief but gawking out the window at the magic below can be a real eye-opener for first timers. Percolate the fact that you have arrived on Flinders with a caffeine hit at The Flinders Wharf.  Easily mistaken for a bayside café & restaurant combo you would find in Docklands, Melbourne, this architecturally designed contemporary space has all the wow factor with the lens of local owners. 

Tip: Pen your postcard home from the bar stools overlooking Bass Strait and watch the weather roll-in and for a real buzz be sure to gather honey straight from the built-in beehive. 

2. Up next, Furneaux Distillery

Whilst at the wharf be whisked away by Furneaux Distillery, the on-site producer tucked behind the fitting porthole window.  Offering tastings and tours by appointment it is here where you will find locally crafted gin & whisky reflecting the environment of the island itself.

Tip: Take some for the road – duty free rules of general overseas holidays need not apply!

3. Peruse some of the local stores

Head to Condimental and have a chat with the owners, renowned fermentation gurus and master makers of sourdough, a range of decadent sauces, as well as a solid suite of gluten free goodies.  Wander up the road and you will find yourself at The Purple Swamphen, the hub of all things handmade on the island and the perfect place for island souvenirs.    You won’t find any ‘I’ve been to Flinders Island’ t-shirts here however, more like eco-friendly, linen clad treasures and retro vinyl tunes you can play back home and dream about that time you visited. 

Tip: At Condimental be sure to ask about the vegan leather and at The Purple Swamphen keep your eyes peeled for the baby wombats for some serious cuddle-me-cuteness!

4. Adventure awaits

From half and full day fishing charters, crayfish tours, guided walking, mountain biking, visits to outer islands, hunting, and 4WD/off road expeditions, the island is well positioned to offer all sorts of adventure.   Chat to the crew at Rockjaw Tours, Mountain Biking Flinders Island, and Flinders Island Adventures about the available tours on offer.

Tip: If you were lucky enough to secure a Make Yourself at Home experience voucher, pop it to good use by booking one of the tours.

5. Cocoon yourself at every corner

Breathtakingly beautiful scenery lies at every point – be sure to leave no corners unturned by seeing every edge of the island.  Get out and hit the road for the day by hiring a vehicle from Flinders Island Car Rentals or Flinders Island Cabin Park.   A scenic island flight with Flinders Island Aviation will offer the opportunity to take in a different perspective. 

Tip: Make sure Trousers Point, Mount Strzelecki National Park and the North East River are well marked on your map. 

6. Get barefoot and fancy free

Home to some of the most untouched and pristine beaches in the world, feel the sand beneath your toes and allow the lichen covered rocks to scrub your feet in a way a day spa never could.  Emita, Palana, Killiekrankie and Trousers Point are just a few of the coastline gems ready to be discovered.  

7. Make Yourself at Home

For a home away from home where the doormat will always read welcome, the following properties will make your stay comfortable and luxurious, all whist offering an insight into life on the island.

Sawyers Bay Shacks

Dwarfs Cottage

The Crayshack

Mountain Seas Lodge

Tip: Catering is available with On Island Time for those staying at Dwarfs Cottage or The Crayshack.  For other eats consider The Furneaux Tavern or the Cate Cooks Flinders Island.  

How to get here:

Sharp Airlines offer regular flights departing from both Hobart and Launceston and Flinders Island Aviation offer a charter service to the Bass Strait islands departing to/from Bridport. 

For more information on services and experiences on the island: https://visitflindersisland.com.au/

Image: Fotheringate Bay, Flinders Island 
Image credit: Luke Tscharke

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