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42 South Surf School Outdoor & AdventureSports & Fitness Special offers

  • All equipment is sanitised between sessions as per Surfing Australia Covid 19 recommendations.
  • Vouchers can be used for any of our sessions.

During your surf lessons, you’re clued in on all aspects of surf safety, like rips, shore-breaks, wipe-outs, as well as surfing skills such as paddling, standing, and turning, surf awareness covering how to identify and avoid the dangers of the ocean, and surf etiquette. 42 South Surf School makes learning about the surf and learning how to surf a fun and enjoyable experience. Book your surf lesson with us in Tasmania now!

What you learn about
Surf awareness – reading surf conditions and how to identify the dangers of the ocean (rips, shorebreaks etc)
Basic fitness for surfing
Paddling and standing up
Catching broken/unbroken waves
Wiping out safety
Equipment for surfing
Sun smart behaviour
Sport safe behaviour – surf etiquette
Environmental awareness