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Do you know that lovely feeling of wearing a hand knitted scarf or crochet beanie?  With wool that actually feels soft and warm?  Are you picking up knitting again, holding a crochet hook for the first time or spend your time weaving?  Have you expereinced that feeling of working with yarn that feels amazing?

Using good quality soft wool from Oatlands, Tasmania and NSW, Bombed Yarns hand dyes yarn in a range of colours and tones to suit all projects. Bombed Yarns dyes, using a variety of techniques and methods, with professional pigments, natural indigo or with local plants and fruit!  The shop is based on line but has a lovely large group of locals, who have the opportunity to meet up once a month.  If you have a particular project and colour you wish for, contact Bombed Yarns for a custom order.

What ever you use yarn for, work with good yarn, you will realise the difference and know what ever you make, it will be so much better.