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Couchmate Furniture & Home

  • We are open 24/7 and delivering safely to your door via Australia Post - Use code TASMANIA for 20% off !

“Why can’t you have comfort in your own living room—everyone deserves it !”

On a cold night in 2013, after moving into our newly built home, I decided to open a bottle of Red wine.
Being a new house, and not much furniture, the Couch arm was the only place close enough for my arm to reach it.
Within 5 minutes, an over zealous right arm knocked a full glass onto the nice expensive white rug underneath causing a marriage threatening stain.
The next day a Couchmate prototype was made in the garage, we saved money by not having to buy a bulky and expensive coffee table, and gave our little one more room to run around and play… and eventually bought a new rug!

The product range we offer today is built on the company values:
Customer Service: To provide an outstanding product for a great price
Convenience: To help people increase comfort and decrease work
Innovation: To create and implement new products and ideas that just make sense!

I hope your new ‘mate’ gives you as many years of convenience and reliability as it has for us.

Thanks for your support!

Mark Waddington – Director and Founder of Couchmate

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