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In September 2017, we moved to Ellendale, Tasmania from a very metropolitan life, as we lived six kilometres from the CBD of Melbourne. We love our new rural lifestyle and haven’t looked back.

We’ve packed a bit into our time so far. Setting up our new business ‘Eladnelle Farm’ – (for those wondering that’s Ellendale spelt backwards and pronounced ‘ee-lad-nell’) in the beautiful Upper Derwent Valley region of Tasmania. Our major venture has been to plant, grow, pick, process, market and sell our Eladnelle Farm Saffron. We completed all of this ourselves; plus, for the 2019 harvest season we were able to employ some casual workers from the local area.

Receiving two awards in the ‘Earth’ category for our Eladnelle Saffron in the 2020 ‘Delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards‘  was thrilling. Our recognition in May, 2020 as one of the State Winners, then in August the announcement of being a Gold Medallist, was a wonderful endorsement of what we are trying to achieve. 

By purchasing Eladnelle Farm Saffron, you can be guaranteed that you have Premium Grade 1 Quality Saffron – grown in Tasmanian soil, by a 100% Tasmanian owned business .

We aim to establish ourselves as sellers of high-quality Tasmanian Saffron to the marketplace. Apart from our  commitment to ensuring that our Saffron is grown without the use of chemicals, we have researched other aspects of producing a high quality Saffron. For our second harvest in 2019 and this years harvest, we continued the practice of only processing the actual Saffron section of the stigmas from the Crocus flowers. What this means is that we only process the red part of the stigma – which is pure Saffron. The yellow/orange that you may find on some Saffron sold is called “floral waste content” it is part of the ‘style’ of the flower and has no culinary value at all.  

With our second harvest in April/May 2019 we sent a sample of our Saffron to an international company to be tested against the International Standards Organisation 3632v2 standard. We are thrilled that our Saffron has been graded as Premium Grade 1 Quality Saffron, which is the best it can possibly be.

In January 2019 we became regular stallholders at the renown ‘Farm Gate Market‘ held in Bathurst Street, Hobart each Sunday. We have Eladnelle Saffron retailing in several shops plus a couple of Restaurants who list Eladnelle Saffron  on their menus.


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