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Evandale Country Orchard is a 26 acre family owned and run farm in the fertile Relbia valley specialising in cool climate fruit.

We sell fresh fruit when in season. As fruit growing generally provides a glut of produce at peak times, a major part our operation is value adding. Our value add solution has been to create an award winning range of preserves including jams, conserves, jellies, chutneys and sauces which we market under the ‘Evandale Country Orchard’ and ‘Saucy’ labels.

At Evandale Country Orchard we take pride in the fact we able to make a preserve with its major ingredients grown, harvested and prepared by us. To this end a proportion of our range is seasonal. When necessary we source produce from other local growers.

All our jams and jellies are made in small batches (no more than 2-3 kg) to minimise cooking time and to retain the true fruit flavours.

The district we live in is subject to frosts making it ideal for fruits that require winter chill to aid fruit set the following season. Combine this with the rich black soils and we are able to grow a range of cool climate berries, raspberries, European plums, apples and pears. Some of the more unusual fruits we grow include:

Black and red currants

We also have a large and ever expanding annual vegetable garden which provides a plentiful source of produce including tomatoes, capsicums, beetroot and pumpkins. This produce also goes into our range of products.

We are close to having a web site up and running, in the mean time please phone or email us about our product range

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