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Guitar Lessons Hobart offers private high quality guitar lessons taught from either a central home studio in Hobart, or online via Skype. Harry can provide guitar lessons for all levels and ages, from beginner to advanced.

Guitar Lessons Hobart offers acoustic and electric guitar lessons in all styles, including:

– Blues 
– Jazz 
– Gypsy 
– Folk 
– Fingerstyle & classical 
– Rock 
– Pop 

Guitar lessons are one-on-one, and are customised for each students level, needs and musical interests. 

Working with students on songs they enjoy is a big part of the teaching method used at Guitar Lessons Hobart. Harry strongly believes you can use music you love as a means to both learn the technical requirements of the instrument, and build up a repertoire of music.


Lesson Fees

From 2018, Guitar Lessons Hobart fees are $37 for half an hour, or $74 for an hour. This is in line with the current minimum fee for qualified private music tutors, as recommended by the Tasmanian Music Teachers Association.

After an initial guitar lesson, fees are payed in blocks of five lessons. At the end of each block, students/parents are provided with feedback on their progress from Harry, along with an invoice for further tuition.

Harry also offers online courses in gypsy jazz guitar via his online school at www.studygypsyjazz.com.


Qualifications & Experience

Harry graduated from the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart in 2012, and holds a combined Bachelor of Music & Bachelor of Arts degree.

Harry has over ten years experience as a guitar tutor, and has taught people of all ages and levels.

In 2014, Harry received scholarships from several organisations, including the Australian Arts Council, Arts Tasmania, Regional Arts Tasmania, and the PPCA to travel to Europe and the U.S.A. to undertake guitar lessons with the world’s leading gypsy jazz guitarists. In addition to his extensive private study, Harry has completed a number of transcriptions of leading gypsy jazz musicians. 

Harry has also been featured in Guitar World, the world’s most popular guitar magazine, for his online gypsy jazz educational website!


Guitar Lessons Hobart Testimonials

“Best teacher we have found thus far, for any instrument. Fabulous!”
– Kate Rattray (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“After being a predominantly self taught guitarist for 7 years, I was ready to find a teacher that could polish up my playing and push my music theory knowledge further. Harry has helped greatly in improving my technique and understanding of the guitar, as well as giving me a fresh perspective on my playing. I would recommend Harry to any guitarist of any level that wants to take their playing to the next level. You won’t be disappointed :)”
– Christopher McManus (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“My daughter loves her guitar lessons! Harry is a very professional teacher yet friendly, he is very patient and adapts his teaching to the student in a great way. I definitely recommend Harry if you’re looking for a great guitar teacher, either for you or your child!”
– Alexandre Mozziconacci (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“Harry is exactly the sort of guitar teacher I was looking for. I’ve been playing the guitar on and off for around 15 years. I’ve had a number of teachers across that time and I was really look for someone who has an advanced musical background who would not only teach the guitar but music theory as well. I would highly recommend an aspiring guitar student to Harry.”
– Jeremy King (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“As a complete beginner and mature age student Harry has been very supportive and encouraging. He is always well prepared for the lessons and I’ve appreciated his patience, instruction, and flexibility in matching my taste in music to the learning experience. Harry’s relaxed and friendly approach makes the lessons very enjoyable and I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
– Jan Martin (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“Harry is a very methodical instructor and a talented musician himself, who always ensures that you have plenty of material to practice at home. Definitely recommended by me!”
– Rahul Sharma (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“I am an international student at UTAS. As a complete beginner I started having lessons with Harry about 6 months ago. I’ve gone from learning the basic musical English vocabularies to having the confidence to play in front of my friends. Every lesson I learn some new chords and finger picking techniques. Now I am be able to play 6 of my favorite songs and read tablature by myself. Harry is a fantastic guitarist, I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a guitar teacher.”
– Joey Jiang (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“My 12 year old daughter has been having guitar lessons with Harry for the last 6 months. She really looks forward to the weekly sessions. Harry is great as he lets her choose the music she likes, ensuring she is always engaged with what she is learning. I would recommend Harry to anyone looking at guitar lessons for their child.”
– Kate Groom (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“Harry’s teaching methods are exactly what you want from a guitar teacher. He teaches both guitar techniques and includes theory and knowledge of the guitar in the lesson. As a long term student I have found this to be incredibly helpful as I now understand so much more about the instrument. He is willing to learn a song so that he can teach it to me in the next lesson and breaks down the fundamentals of the song, pulling out different techniques and ways to play the guitar. Harry’s lessons are always enjoyable.”
– Liam Hawkesford (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“My primary school age son has been studying guitar with Harry for some time, and is quite enthusiastic about Harry as a teacher and about guitar in general. His skill acquisition progress has been much more rapid than I had expected.  Harry is very attentive and encouraging towards my son’s requests to learn certain types of music.  I receive regular communication with regards to my child’s progress. I would highly recommend Harry as a guitar teacher to anyone of any age or skill level. I am very pleased as a parent and my son has said, “Mum, give him an A++ review”
– MaryAnn Herbert (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“My son has been been having lessons with Harry for some time now. It’s fantastic to be able to hear my son talk to me on the way home about the lesson, and what they were working on together. It’s just a small thing but it’s something I look forward to each week. Harry is great at communicating with me on what they are working on, and seeks feedback on how things are progressing. I have no hesitation in recommending Harry as a guitar teacher to anyone thinking of taking it up.”
– Paul Veldhuis (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“Excellent guitar tutor. Very friendly, supportive and diligent…highly recommended.”
– Sumeet Sharma (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“I have had regular lessons with Harry for the past seven months, and he has helped my playing skills improve considerably. He is extremely supportive and has helped inspire me to keep practising and learn new songs. He has also encouraged me to branch out into new forms of music. I have started some amateur stand up comedy over the past and I am hoping to incorporate my guitar playing into my sets. I would strongly recommend Harry as a guitar teacher to any one who wants to learn or improve their guitar playing skills.”
– James Scheibner (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“Harry is a wonderfully talented guitar teacher. My son is learning to play classical and contemporary pieces and is always eager to show off what he has learned or try something new. Harry is very knowledgeable about his craft, which is communicated in a positive, encouraging and caring manner. Each lesson I look forward to what my son has learnt. Thank you Harry!”
– Frances Wadsley (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“Harry is an excellent guitar teacher. He designed my lessons around what I wanted to learn while introducing useful theory and techniques. He creates a supportive, relaxed and creative learning environment. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their guitar skills whether it’s to play their favourite songs or develop their own compositions. Best music teacher I’ve had!”
– Victoria Meyer (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“My son Harry always ran to the guitar lessons and came out buzzing with excitement about the new song they had both chosen. Harry was a true professional and so encouraging to my son. His positive manner and inspiring teaching assisted my Harry in becoming a competent player.”
– Deb Butterworth (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“Harry is an exceptional guitar teacher and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is learning the guitar, at any stage of their musical journey!”
– Alan Gogoll (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“As a ‘mature age’ student it was excellent to be rewarded with a positive response and continued supportive development of my beginners level skills. Harry’s musical knowledge and technical skill are supported by patience and encouragement – great attributes for creating a positive learning experience of the guitar.”
– Milton Andrews (Guitar Lessons Hobart)

“My son has been having guitar lessons with Harry for about 18 months. He started as a true beginner and is now an independent guitarist. He happily plays in the company of family and friends across a variety of genres. Harry encourages him to try picking, strumming and chords, as well as teaching him theory and reading of music. Harry brings new music to the guitar lessons as well as teaching songs that my son requests. My son had tried another teacher at the beginning of his learning and had become a bit despondent about his ability, but Harry has changed his outlook and perspective completely.”
– Shelly Hilder (Guitar Lessons Hobart)