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Details about my business:

I started my own holistic practice in May 2018, with my office based in Riverside, Launceston. I work with local, national and international clients, delivering a face to face and/or online service.

I am a REAL FOOD advocate and believe in using food as nature’s intended medicine, to promote healing and wellbeing.  As mum to 3 teenage boys, I understand the many challenges of providing a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle, to my family.  I understand the rebellion, the time constraints and that each family have unique circumstances.  My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with as many individuals, families and children, as possible, to educate and equip them, to heal their body and experience what it means to be truly healthy and ultimately live their best life.

My skills and qualifications:

–      BSc. Dietetics (Stellenbosch University, South Africa, 2000)

–      Certified Microba and GAPS practitioner

–      Bioscreen Health Care provider (Faecal Microbial Analysis)

–      Group Fitness Instructor (Cert III in Health & Fitness) and Accredited Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA)

My services have evolved over the last 20 years, from being a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting, to a more individual based delivery, in a private practice setting.  I have moved away from the typical dietetic model, still being delivered today by most DAA registered dietitians and adopted a holistic approach to using food as medicine, with a big focus on prevention, rather than just managing medical conditions.

In the last 6-7 years, I have specialised in a Lower Carbohydrate dietary approach, with specific focus on eating REAL, Whole Foods, free of additives, preservatives, colourants and artificial food substances, making it practical, achievable and sustainable for individuals and families, based on their unique circumstances.

Health & wellbeing is so much more than just diet and exercise and I therefore incorporate all factors contributing to a healthy lifestyle, in my service delivery. 

Services I offer:

(All my services are available face to face or remote via Zoom/Skype/Phone)

– Individual consultations

– Couples/Family consultations

Family consultations can be done in the comfort of your own home, if preferred. 

We look at:

* adults vs. children’s requirements, individual goals and keeping it ‘real’

* food intolerances/allergies and how to make it work for the family

* medical conditions present in the family and the additional challenges

* meal planning & being organised

* what’s in the pantry

* supermarket shopping and/or online orders & delivery

* lunch boxes for parents and children

* practical hands-on cooking/meal preparation, recipes and tips

* the validity of supplementation – the do’s and don’ts of this chemical maze

* healthy habits for the whole family

* personal care products and household chemicals

Many children are truly interested in being healthy and they have already made the connection between diet, exercise and health, but they are often misinformed, lacking confidence or not supported by their family.  This is why I believe in a ‘whole family approach’.  Sessions are tailored to each family’s needs.

– Workplace Nutrition & Lifestyle sessions

(usually as a lunch hour information session – single session or multiple sessions as required by the workplace) 

– Home visits for the elderly or vulnerable patients.

– Presentations at sport clubs, schools and seminars

– School canteen advisory service

Examples of my experience:

–        6 years’+ experience as a Holistic, Low Carb dietitian with specific focus/interest in

* Type 1/Type 2 Diabetes

* Weight loss

* PCOS & other Autoimmune Diseases

* Cardiovascular disease

* Additive & Preservative Free living

* GUT healing/Immunity/Gastrointestinal disorders (covering all areas – Constipation, Diarrhoea, Bloating, Reflux/Indigestion, Fatigue, IBS, Diverticular Disease, Crohn’s & Coeliac Disease, Food intolerances and Allergies, Fussy eaters, Faecal Microbial Analysis, Worms/Parasites etc.)

* Skin conditions (Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dermatitis, Keratosis Pilaris, Cold sores, Itchy/Dry skin etc.)

* Anxiety/Depression

* Therapeutic Ketogenic dietary approach

* Headaches/Migraines

* Cancer

* Sports nutrition and performance

 * Primary School class based nutrition & lifestyle sessions

* Nutrition & lifestyle sessions at sports clubs

* Nutrition & lifestyle presentations at health seminars and workplace settings

–        Clinical Dietitian working in a variety of NHS hospital settings throughout the UK, specialising in Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes, Nephrology, Cancer, Gastrointestinal disorders and surgery as well as Weight loss.

(2001 – 2008)

–        2012 – present: Co-founder, President & coordinator of a local chess club for children (Mind Moves Chess Club), working with children on the spectrum, ADHD and gifted children.  My experience with my own children and the children attending our chess club, has played a huge role in my interest in family health and well-being.

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