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The name Hinton Bay comes from the cove on the Tamar River situated below our location. History speaks of Hinton Bay as a deep water, safe mooring place for small trading sailboats, at a time well before engines, offering protection from the North West to the South East.

The land above Hinton Bay itself became an orchard in the early 1900’s when the Tamar Valley, like many parts of Tasmania, had a thriving apple industry. The apples are long gone but the vines now flourish in their place. With about 1.5 hectares of vines planted at close intervals in 1989, our vineyard is certainly boutique. We sourced pure clone materials and planted half of the block with Chardonnay and the other half with Pinot Noir. The chardonnay is almost entirely of Penfolds clone and the Pinot Noir a blend of some of the classic Bordeaux clones of 114, 115, MV-6 and 777.

Our management practices are historically French from clone selection to trellis design, we even burn the winter pruning’s in a mobile fire pot in the vineyard during winter. The close planted vines are dry grown and after 30 years are producing fruit of highly intense flavour and colour.

Boutique ensures quality…
Keep it small, do it yourself and maintain control of all things is the approach we adopt to managing
the vines. We are fortunate to have Glenn James at Wine-making Tasmania creating our hand crafted
wines. Our shared philosophy and pursuit of excellence with Glenn has been a perfect recipe. It is
our vision and passion to continually produce the very best wines possible.
Tony (for the Bissett family).