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In the year 2000, Horse Riding Tasmania began as a small community riding school with a DREAM to create a living from sharing a love of horses (Equus Caballus) – where they came from, how they think and how to ride/train them. Just like Eohippus, the dawn horse, the dream began!  

Owner operator Sharon Brennan started out as a teenager learning to ride in the Tassie bush and along 7 Mile Beach therefore expansion into these areas was a natural progression. Sharon has always loved the challenge of explaining difficult concepts and this assisted in the creation of Holistic Horse Solutions Course.  She is currently training to become a certified Magnetic Mind Masterclass Coach and looks forward to helping people create all of their dreams and let go of whatever is in the way.    

Horse Riding Tasmania https://horseridingtasmania.com/  provides guided horse back tours and lessons in the beautiful Woodsdale State Forest and 7 Mile Beach, Parks and Wildlife Reserves in South East Tasmania.     Rides are tailored to suit your fitness and skill level. Choose from 1 hour up to 5 hour Tours or Lessons. These can be combined with Tassie food and beverage platters or just byo food and drinks for the BBQ.  Our 7 Mile Beach trails are 15 minutes from Hobart and Woodsdale State Forest Bush rides are 1 hour from the CBD or 15 minutes from the East Coast.     We also offer byo WEEKEND EVENTS for you and your mates where you can watch the moon rise and go across the horizon with the outside fire blazing. The theme can be Full Moon Arising, Ride for Days, Mini Weekend Away, Health Wealth and Well Being or Ride and Luxury Stay where you can stay in comfort at a unique 1840s converted Stable or modern Farm Pod located in the grounds of Twamley Farm homestead or the historic Storekeeper’s cottage located in the village of Buckland. https://twamleyfarm.com.au/    

Why not join our Regular Riders Club where you can socialise, enjoy and rejuvenate on a monthly ride for $50 per month? The rest of the rides are then half price.  We also have a Creating Confidence Package.     If your thinking of popping the question! We have never had a no on a Proposal Ride!!! We organise the lot, Roses Champagne, Platters or whatever you request.    

We are also an RTO for Holistic Horse Solutions  https://myiict.com/search-training-providers/ If you would like to enrich and expand your knowledge with horses and or become certified and create a life working with horses please book a Holistic Horse Solutions Course Information Session with Sharon.     Other activities include: education in  horse handling, muscle therapy, holistic care and training of horses. Plus we  are agents for holistic health care products such as Nanna’s Farm Greasy Heal, or some hand cream for yourself and Pet Power Calendula Hypericum OR Homeopathics Health Care Kit     We have GIFT VOUCHERS available for that special occasion. https://horseridingtasmania.com/

WE are fully Insured WE can and WE do offer:

  • Lessons, 8 years up, all experience levels, your horse or ours, can travel
  • Bush Rides: Bluff River Gorge with cave walk, Mt Hobbs views to Maria Island, Confidence Skills and Thrills and more…
  • Beach Trail Rides, 1-3 hours at 7 Mile Beach and 5 Mile Beach incorporating some bush tracks
  • Weekend Events with a focus on friendships, relationships, celebration and rejuvenation
  • Holistic Horse Solutions online Course with potential certification and start of your own business as a Holistic Horse Solutions Coach
  • Dream Reality Life Coaching: Turn your dreams and goals into reality and let go of whats holding you back utilising scientifically proven methods with Magnetic Mind coaching
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