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Over 650 species of plants with ancient connections. The Jurassic Garden is located within the private wildlife reserve of the Inala property on Bruny Island, Tasmania. This BGANZ botanical garden offers a unique experience to view plants with Gondwanan connections. 
50 plant families are represented in the garden to highlight the connections with their Jurassic ancestors. The Gondwanan Supercontinent started splitting apart around 185 million years ago to form the southern hemisphere land-masses known today as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and New Caledonia.
Designed across five acres of gently undulating land with wheelchair-friendly paths. The garden offers an insight into the ancient connections of species that are planted in family groups to demonstrate the similarities between species now found in geographically distant countries. 
The Nature Museum contains a collection of fossils, shells and gemstones which Tonia has been gathering since she was a little girl. There are many fossils in the museum with evident links to the living species in the Gondwanan Jurassic Garden. 



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