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Liberty Balloon Flights Experience

  • We have a set of policies to look after our passengers as we look after ourselves. We contact all passengers prior to their flight to ask the relevant questions, making sure no one with symptoms attends the flight.

Hot air balloon adventures in the island’s north. Depending on the wind direction on the day of your flight, we might fly over the Tamar Valley, the Meander Valley, the Northern Midlands or over the city of Launceston itself. We fly higher than any other operator in the country hands down because we love you to get the views and no, you WILL NOT feel height sick at all during the flight. This is the true experience of free flight in every sense. The peaceful adventure of floating in the winds in this ancient sport of ballooning. Flight are always at dawn so incredible views of the Sun rising is the norm, as it casts its shadows over Tasmania’s beautiful countryside and mountains.


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