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The name Luminös reflects our Scandinavian heritage; it translates as “shining bright”.

In Scandinavia, candles are a way of life, they are widely used through the winter months to provide a cosy warm light, and they also play a part in many celebrations and events. Scented candles can make a place feel like home; they also have the power to evoke memories or even create new ones.

Our candles are poured in both glass and tins containers; the glass candles are packaged in a Kraft box. By being hand poured, labelled and packaged in our own home, Luminös soy candles are gifted with their own individual uniqueness. We use the highest amount of fragrance possible without interfering with the clean burning nature of soy wax; this ensures that our candles throw a beautiful scent.

After extensive practice, tests and burns, we believe that we have created a superb range of candles that we would love to share with you, your friends and family.

Thank you for stopping by our shop and please leave a review of the candles that you have purchased.