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Tasmanian Seaweed Fertilisers based at Greenpoint, Marrawah sell and market under the Marrawah Gold label a range of Agricultural, Viticultural, Horticultural, and Animal Nutritional supplements as well as small pack sizes for the Home Gardener.

The company is unique in the Seaweed Industry in that it is owned and operated by a farming family at Marrawah, passionate about sustaining agriculture for future generations. The passion, coupled with a strong technical background, has led to the on-going development of products that have been shown to produce a range of natural plant growth hormones with increased chlorophyll levels, that enhance root development and have a natural ability to reduce plant stress.

The sea in which the key natural ingredient grows, Bull Kelp, is recognised as the cleanest in the world. The fresh storm cast kelp is harvested from the rocky West Coast of Tasmania and production of extracts takes place the same day to ensure the highest level of nutrients are retained.

Tasmanian Seaweed Fertilisers believe that sustainability is about working in harmony with nature to improve soil and animal health without negative impact on the environment. As a company and local farming family, they strive to address the growing problem of chemical inputs in an ever changing environment and believe a mixture of traditional farming methods coupled with products that improve productivity and reduce costs are important elements.