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  • OPEN 10 til 4pm DAILY @dolphinsands

Melshell Oyster Shack has reopened and we are complying to a COVID 19 safety plan.

The Melshell Oyster Farm has been producing fat plump sweet oysters since 1984 at Dolphin Sands on the East Coast of Tassie.  The signature flavour of our deep water oysters have been awarded Gold in the Hobart Fine Food Awards 2019.  We are a wholesaler of Pacific Oysters to Tasmanian and Interstate markets. If you are travelling around Tassie drop in and learn some interesting oyster farming facts on our tours starting at $10.00. If you are unbale to visit the shack we have collection points in North Hobart and Kings Meadows.  Shucked Oysters and Live Oysters are available and we also have home made condiments. We have an online ordering system and lots more information on our website melshelloysters.com.au   We look forward to seeing you at  Melshell Oyster Shack open 10am til 4pm Daily.

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