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Olive & Ash believes everyone should feel confident that the product that you put onto your skin does what it says it will.

Our Pure Olive Oil Soaps, Skincare & Organic herbal teas are made using locally grown & uncomplicated ingredients which  moisturises your skin and not leave it feeling dry or irritated.

We say “if you create something for the most sensitive skin then everyone can use it”

Using Soaps that contain the right ingredients can be used for so many areas. With a Pure olive oil soap they are as perfect as a shampoo as they are for the body or to wash your face and also last a long time too.

Olive & Ash is a Tasmanian Business who have been making our hand made Soaps & Skincare for the past 15 years using traditional methods which date back to the 8th century & Olive Oil is the only fat used to make our soaps.

Our locally grown Olive Oil is high in anti-oxidants due to the slow cool climate conditions which then passes through to your skin.

As Naturopaths having the knowledge of how the addition of uncomplicated ingredients like organic herbs & spices and pure essential oils can have on your skin stands us apart with the results that can be achieved & the Organic herbs we use for our herbal infusions are the same high quality and standard that are used in all of our products be it inside or out.

Being part of the Tasmanian ethos is to use ingredients that grow in clean and healthy environments, where the growers and suppliers of your ingredients you know by name and there is a trust that you support each other with ingredients that everyone is proud of from the grower to the user.