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COULD I WHISPER IN THE EAR OF TWO LEADERS AS THEY COACHED EACH OTHER? Coaching Duets is leadership coaching like no other. Inspired by one of the luminaries in coaching – David Peterson – I decided to explore embedding coaching more deeply into organisations while making it more fun.  I came up with loads of ideas, most of them destined for the compost bin.  One hung about and kept waking me in the middle the night.  What if I could whisper in the ear of two leaders as they coached each other? It is true that leadership is lonely.  Yet in most leadership coaching programs the coach and leader squirrel themselves away to do their amazing thing.  Not so with Coaching Duets.  Leaders, usually from the same organisation, are coached on their own goals and leadership development as pairs.  Through this they gain from the interaction with their coach (me) and from the wisdom of each other.  In addition leaders safety practice and expand their own coaching skills with me, Katherine, a highly experienced, deeply trained, professionally credentialed coach. The result, along with achieving their own goals, is a deep trusting professional relationship between the leaders that they take long into the way they model leadership in their organisation.

Coaching Duets, along with one on one leadership coaching, leadership development programs, and career coaching is at the core of the work we do at People Flourishing.  Give Katherine a call to chat about how you, and your leaders, want to flourish.