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We are Certified Organic Dairy Farmers who farm in the beautiful environment of North West Tasmania, Australia.  We work with nature, feeding soil life, balancing soil minerals and improving the environment so that we work in harmony with nature.

We milk beautiful Aussie Red Girls who graze freely on  our pastures that are mixed with a variety of herbs, grasses and legumes.  This creates the best tasting Organic Milk which produces the best quality handmade cheese in our very own farm house cheese factory.

We love to be able to create cheeses directly from our own cows that have been bred for cheese making.

Our farm is free from Genetically Modified foods or additives.  We are free from artificial hormones and we are preservative free and antibiotic free.

Our Artisan cheeses are all individually handmade.  Each cheese is turned and matured with care and selected for its ripeness and maturity.  Our cows high Capa Casein and protein ensures the finest quality from every batch we make.

We don’t change anything about our milk or take any of the goodness from the milk it is as it comes from the cow.

We hand raise all our girl and boy calves on the farm.  Our calves are all fed fresh organic cows milk and also fed cheese whey direct from our cheese making that day.  This creates a natural recycling of nutrients and minerals back into our farming cycles.

We encourage a natural way of farming and all our animals are cared for with love and admiration.

You will love our cheeses that we make including our Persian Feta, Tilsit and Soft Ripened Brie.

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