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Ready to save fuel costs and boost vehicle performance efficiencies?

SMT Auto Supplies is 100% Tasmanian owned supplying professional SMT2 superior metal conditioner & fuel saving treatments used for automotive, fleets, agriculture, mining, marine, racing & industry across Australia.

SMT2 Metal Conditioner can save up to 27% annual Fuel Costs; Reduce Metal Friction, Engine Wear & Emissions; Improve Torque, Performance Efficiency & Operating Temperature & Extend Engine Life.  Independently proven by QLD University of Technology against all other products, SMT2 exceeded~2 tonne metal friction without seizing.  NB. friction seizing point of SMT2 has yet to be determined.

We offer local delivery, flat rate postage with tracking, or courier Australia wide. Independent test results & safety data sheets also available.

15% DISCOUNT for RACT members. Direct sale quotes & bulk discounts, contact Alister on m. 0408 18523.

SMT2 METAL CONDITIONER [most popular]: 100ml $13, 350ml $40, 500ml $55, 1L $99, 5L $435, 10L $795, 15L $1150, 20L $1440

SMT1 GEARBOX / ENGINE FLUSH: 350ml $22, 1L $52
SMT3 FUEL TREATMENT (Petrol or Diesel): 350ml $29, 1L $59
SMT4 EP BEARING GREASE NLGI2: 450g $22, 2.5kg $85
SMT5 PIN & BUSH GREASE: 450g $24, 2.5kg $99
3-in-1 KIT:  350ml SMT1 + 1L STM2 + 350ml SMT3 = $169 (value $180)

SMT products are suitable for any vehicle petrol or diesel, sedans, SUVs, 4WDs, trucks, fleets, taxis, bus / coaches, tractors, harvesters, farm machinery, industrial processing, saw mills, abattoirs, manufacturing, engineers, mining, local & state government, turbines, boat outboards / inline, racing, motorbikes, chainsaws, 2-strokes, chippers, lawn mowers, generators, bearings, spindles, chains, firearms, saw blades, drill bits etc.  Add SMT2 to any existing lubricating oil.

*Add SMT2 to dramatically reduce metal friction, resistance & wear of all moving parts
*Tested & proven as most superior engine lubricant anti-friction oil additive by QLD University of Technology: exceeded 4,500 pound force (~2 tonne) metal friction without seizing
*Extends engine life & efficiency, improves operating temperatures, helps reduce noise decibels & maintenance costs. Protects engine wear during cold starts
*Penetrates metal surface micropores to reduce coefficient of friction, corrosive iron (Fe) particulate build-up on moving parts & guard against corrosion
*Unlike other products, SMT2 contains NO Teflon, graphite, molybdenum, silicone, ceramics, fluoropolymers or suspended solids.  SMT2 is non-petroleum based, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic & biodegradable. Add SMT2 to any mineral or synthetic oils or metal combinations.

DIRECTIONS – SMT2 Metal Conditioner
=> Add 70ml per Litre of sump capacity directly into Engine, Manual Gearbox & Standard Differentials (eg. 5L engine add 350ml). Add any time or after oil change
=> Add 20ml per Litre to Auto Transmission, Hydraulics, Power Steering, 2-stroke mix, Drills & Chainsaw/Bar oil.

Call us for help, or to calculate volume of SMT2 to order, refer to this Quick Search for vehicle sump capacities: www.datateck.com.au/lube/castr_au

*Safely removes contaminant sludge build-up in engine or gearbox components by suspending it in old oil before oil change.  Improves clean engine performance & helps reduce exhaust emissions

DIRECTIONS => Just before oil change, add 60ml per Litre of sump oil, idle hot for 15 mins, drain old oil, change oil & filter according to manufacturers recommendations. Not for motorbikes using a wet clutch. A 350ml bottle treats up to 6L engine sump (eg. 5L sump x 60ml/L add 300ml). For optimum results follow up by adding SMT2 Metal Conditioner.

# SMT3 – FUEL TREATMENT Petrol & Diesel
Multi-purpose Injector Cleaner (petrol/diesel).  Upper Cylinder Lubricant. Diesel Bug Killer
*Safely removes fuel contaminant buildup (gum, varnish, sludge etc) from your fuel system allowing engine to perform more efficiently, saving operating costs
*Improves peak fuel supply & performance of all petrol & diesel vehicles, cars, trucks, tractors, heavy machinery, mining, racing, boats, motorbikes etc.
*Helps reduce exhaust emissions. Also suitable for vehicles with DPF Diesel Particulate Filters.

DIRECTIONS => Add SMT3 FUEL TREATMENT (Petrol/Diesel) at any time to a full fuel tank. Repeat each or every 2nd service. Vehicles: Add 1ml per Litre of fuel. Eg. 60L tank x 2ml/L = add 120ml. Includes easy pour nozzle

*Extreme Pressure anti-wear multipurpose greases fortified with SMT2 Metal Conditioner to resist >2 tonne metal friction.  SMT4 maintains reliable high speed load conditions in roller & ball bearings, front & RV wheel bearings.  SMT5 on pins & bushes resists shock loads up to 3x longer vs. Moly Grease.


# SMT2 Metal Conditioner proved superior to all other lubricant additives as independently tested by QLD University of Technology – SMT2 exceeded test machine limit of 4,500+ pound force (~2 tonne) metal friction, without seizing. [Falex Pin & Vee Block industrial friction test ASTM D3233]

# SMT2 achieved 97% less wear scar on a metal test surface vs. Mobil 1 oil [4 Ball Wear Test)

# Compared to other products, SMT2 Metal Conditioner did not seize at 250,000 psi extreme pressure film strength [Timken Falex Film Strength, EP ASTM-D-2783]

# Customer experience: “I use SMT2 in my Toyota SR5 Diesel Hilux, in the fuel and in the engine oil. I am getting an extra 100km per tank which equates to 15-18% better economy. I also use it in the fuel of my race bike and get an extra 10 to 15 km/hr top end speed. The motor also spins more freely” Alan T – Darwin NT.  “My gear change on the Roadranger Truck was difficult so I put 500ml in it, and it became as smooth as silk” TimS, Genesis Earthmoving.

# SMT2 Metal Conditioner also achieved 27.7% fuel savings after treating engine of a 15 tonne UD furniture truck in Bundaberg, QLD saving ~$10,000 p.a. fuel costs.  Ssangyong 4WD Taxi also achieved 33% less fuel over 150,000km.

# A chainsaw treated with SMT2 was able to cut a felled tree log with a ~45% faster cut time, as the SMT2 dramatically reduced friction & maintained sharpness chainsaw teeth.


As friction causes resistance, heat & metal, it impacts engine performance, economy & emissions.  ~80% of all engine wear (ie. dark oil at oil change) occurs at cold start-up, as sump oil has yet to circulate. SMT2 particularly guards against cold start-up metal wear & improves performance.

SMT2 metal treatment can be used in any iron/steel, Fe-metal combinations (eg. copper, aluminium, tungsten) & metal friction environments, eg: elevated temperatures, high loads, sliding speed, extreme pressure or lack of lubrication. SMT2 can be brushed onto tungsten saw blades.

SMT2 Metal Conditioner is suitable for all engines (petrol or diesel), manual gearboxes, auto transmissions, differentials, clutches, power steering, axles & power providers, hydraulics, bearings, drills, chains, saws etc. SMT2 is designed to meet industry standards for any vehicle, machinery or equipment requiring moving metal parts to stay lubricated & last longer. 

Also ideal for diesel or mobile mechanics, workshops, automotive logbook services, repairs, tuning & parts centres, fleet managers, machining, boring, metal & industrial fabrication etc.  Use SMT2 Metal Conditioner to treat any vehicle, machine or equipment, anywhere…

Contact Alister on m. 0408 185234 with any queries or a direct quote for any SMT products.  Direct pricing often cheaper than online listings.

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