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Oh, to bathe in – and brush with – Tasmania … every day!

Several years ago, when founder-to-be, Michelle Bennett, washed her hands with soap overseas, it caused her skin to peel. Ouch! She had an epiphany, ‘If I make my own soap, I’ll jolly well know what goes in it!’. And, when her dentist semi-joked that she should use soap to brush with because the toothpaste she’d been using had stripped the enamel off her teeth, she added toothsoap to her carefully researched, self-developed soap recipes.

As luck would have it, Michelle called Tasmania home. She decided that each soap ingredient must be toxic free: 100% Tasmanian and 100% natural. This was a challenge in itself as there are not too many coconut trees, nor oil palms, in maritime-climate Tasmania. Yet, this was to be a blessing in disguise. In fact, coconut oil is quite drying on the skin, and no-one wants to use oil made from deforested orangutan habitats! When Michelle’s soap was tested by family and friends, the positive feedback rolled in. Michelle knew she was backing a winner worthy of an international arena and Tasmanian Soap Farm was born. Every aspect was to be of the highest quality, from the gourmet soap inputs sourced directly from Tasmanian farmers and producers to the eco-friendly packaging and stationery printed in Tasmania. There would be no nasty surprises, only good ones. In addition, soap sales were to support her favourite wildlife charity, Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

Tasmanian Soap Farm’s provenance is the rich agricultural bounty of Tasmania (think olive and hemp oil, rolled oats, dairy yoghurt, avocado and goats’ milk to name but a few); treasures from the sparkling sea (sea salt flakes and bull-kelp seaweed); pure rainwater that falls on the Farm, and dashes of wilderness (fragrant honey and beeswax from busy edge-of-the-Tarkine-forest flower foragers). And that’s not all. Combine these with botanicals like organic calendula, wild dandelion blooms and poppy seeds plus essential oils of lavender, peppermint, rosemary or eucalyptus – and more – and you have a world-class product. No wonder the fledgling company adopted the motto: ‘clean, green, pristine’!

Can’t wait to get your hands on some? Trot on over to the Tasmanian Soap Farm website -> www.tasmaniansoapfarm.com