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The Essence and Quintessence of Native Tasmanian Gin

What are Abel Gins? Take traditional gin and turn it on its head with a blast of citrus over base notes of the Tasmanian wilderness…you can’t get much wilder!

Tasmania is a sum of its parts; the native, the imported and the naturalised as is Abel Tasmanian Gin. Hand crafted and carefully nurtured to ensure each and every still run meets the high standard, only freshly harvested botanicals at the peak of their flavour are used in our blends ensuring the brightest and freshest flavours in our gins. Native botanicals foraged from around the State make this tipple unique…gin you could make nowhere else.

There are two unique gin styles from The Abel Gin Co. to suit your every mood.

ESSENCE: A vibrant and fresh gin with refreshing citrus notes and a delicate floral background, as refreshing as a spring afternoon. Perfect for a summer’s day on the veranda with your favourite tonic or dress it up as a Gin Daisy or French 75.

QUINTESSENCE: Dark and brooding, rich and complex this gin has multiple layers to entice even the most jaded gin palate. It really is the perfect gin for a martini…dirty it up with a bit of citrus peel or take your Negroni to the next level but you may just want to pour it over ice and curl up in front of the fire.

TWO GIRLS and a STILL….First there is Natalie, head distiller, blender, amazing palate and all round great gal….

As a winemaker Natalie Fryar had been flirting with Tasmania since 2001 where she was lured here by the ideal Tasmanian environment. Instrumental in establishing Jansz Tasmania as Australia’s sparkling wine specialist, Natalie has enjoyed a stellar career that has taken her all over the world, from the Great Western, WA to Champagne and finally home to Tasmania where she now crafts her own rare and boutique sparkling wines. Feted and multi- award winning she is recognised as one of the country’s leading sparkling winemakers. 

Natalie has a new crush…GIN! 

The importance of terroir or provenance is embedded in Natalie’s DNA so her quest became how to share the unique spirit of the State in a bottle.  In these two gins you will taste her journey throughout Tasmania displaying the heady aromas of Cradle Mountain and the crisp sharp notes of the temperate rainforest to the delicate floral perfumes of the East Coast.  These gins are unique to Tasmania, they are the Essence and Quintessence of Native Tasmanian Gin.

Kim on the other hand is just a bit of a lush but she comes by it honestly.  Her great great grandfather Joseph E Seagram started up Seagram’s, once the world’s largest producer of alcohol, all from a still at the back of general store in Canada. Yes, her surname is Seagram and although they don’t have a general store, their still is in the back of an old abattoir in Launceston!  

This spirited duo has a focus on quality, wanting to produce gins that will please the palate and delight the senses not challenge or confront. Natalie’s palate and talent for blending comes into it’s own as each botanical distillation is carefully chosen for the flavour profile she knows will win hearts and minds.

If you can’t make it to our little special corner of the globe to savour our gin, open a bottle wherever you are to experience that first deep breath of clean air and that moment of whole body relaxation when you first arrive in Tasmania….if you can’t join us in body, join us in spirit!


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