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Van Dieman Brewing is an independent farm brewery, established in 2009, located on a family farm in Northern Tasmania.

We combine our passion of agriculture, with the artisanship of fermentation to create our take on a broad array of stylistic beers and modern interpretations of farmhouse ales that incorporate our natural surroundings and local agriculture to uniquely convey a sense of origin, time, place & people – the liquid summation of “terroir.”

We’re creating totally unique and completely brewery grown, single-origin beers, we’ve dubbed as Estate Ales. By utilising grains and hops grown on the brewery farm and subsequent processing on-site, a spring-fed water source, and foraging the countryside for wild flora and indigenous wild yeasts, we are returning to how local farmhouse brewing existed in a previous life, back to its agricultural roots.

This concept excites & passionately drives our focus day to day from a brewing operations perspective and also on-farm decisions for brewing purposes. The ability of being able to actively control, influence and manage the entire process from ground to glass is incredibly rare in any industry these days, and something we’re inherently proud and protective of.  We’re brewing from the ground up.