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Wild Life Environmental Retail

Based in Tasmania, Wild Life Environmental offers Environmental Consultancy Services across a broad range of industry and sells Eco-products under its “Cups 4 Conservation” range – a non-toxic, long life product alternative to single use plastic bottles, coffee mugs and straws. This eco-friendly drink-ware range is hand-blown and made from tough borosilicate glass and organic FSC certified bamboo, which is non-toxic, BPA/BPS free, reusable and 100% recyclable. The ALL GLASS design (including glass lid) means the contents of your drink are not compromised by passing through synthetic materials, and the protective recycled cardboard packaging keeps your cup or straw perfectly protected so you can always be armed with your stylish eco-friendly drink ware companions! Wild Life Environmental has designed its glass and bamboo drink-ware range with a beautiful laser-cut Tasmanian animal artwork, depicting species that are vulnerable, endangered, or those already lost, as a reminder that we must care for our earth and its animals. Its ‘Cups 4 Conservation’ range aims to:

  • Lead the charge in the ‘war on waste’;
  • Advocate for an eco-friendly world;
  • Support wildlife & biodiversity conservation programs.

Tasmanian owned and designed, the best part of the ‘Cups 4 Conservation story’ (aside from helping to divert over 1 billion disposable cups currently sent to landfill each year in Australia!) is that Wild Life Environmental contributes a percentage of proceeds to wildlife and threatened species conservation programs in need.

The perfect eco-gifts, for either yourself or others! Purchase online via the website for same day shipping.