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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine clinic in Hobart Tasmania.

I began studying Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2010, graduating on the Gold Coast in 2013 after completing a 4 x year BHSc – Acupuncture… (Some don’t know how long an Acupuncture degree is!), so have been in the industry for 10 x years now. Straight after graduating I was accepted into an immersion program in Nepal as a Primary Care Physician / Acupuncturist. I gathered invaluable experience there.

On returning from Nepal I moved to Darwin and opened a commercial practice. But the heat up North became too unbearable, so we both road tripped down From the Top End to Southern Tasmania in 2017, and began practising here in Hobart. As a fully Accredited Acupuncturist, I have a special interest in all pain related disorders, headaches, migraine and back pain.

As a registered Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist, I use a combination of traditional and modern Acupuncture techniques, combining distal and balance method acupuncture with neuromuscular acupuncture, which works well together with Chinese Medicine principles.

I have another website here: (Acupuncture Hobart) where I provide more Acupuncture resources, like videos, articles and alternative exercise techniques.


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Some official links to official organisations that recommend Acupuncture:

NICE recommends Acupuncture for Chronic Pain 


Acupuncture Evidence and Literature Reviews:

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Wuest Acupuncture Hobart on Google Business:



Please feel free to get in touch via phone or email to discuss. 

Consultations by appointment only.


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